Angie Bucu

Children Mindfulness Instructor
+852 2530 3315

Certified children's mindfulness instructor
Bachelor of Business and Master of Wellness degrees from Australian Universities.

Mindfulness for Teens

Our mindfulness program instructor Angie Bucu is a leading certified children's mindfulness instructor based in Hong Kong and lives in Discovery Bay.

Angie has been actively involved in bringing awareness to families and schools, of the benefits young people can experience in learning mindfulness and focused attention training. Angie is passionate about sharing the importance of what these practices can offer young people in their busy and often distracted young lives. Training our attention on the present moment with curiosity, kindness and compassion may be relatively simple but requires well-informed guidance and practice to cultivate positive habits of mind.

She enjoys sharing her work with groups, families, individual children and adolescents, as well as schools. In the school setting Angie is happy to work with schools both in the school setting as part of the curriculum or as extra-curricular / after school activity programs.

Angie has recently been appointed the Asia Coordinating Partner for the Academy of Mindful Teaching and the Method Eline Snel – Mindfulness for Children programs.

Therapies by Angie