Astrid Merkt

Body Mind Psychotherapist and Personal Development Coach
English, French, Spanish, German
+852 2530 3315

Astrid is a clinical counselor and certified yoga therapist working with both adults and children. She has been helping people transform their lives for over 10 years, and feels that her purpose d to help people feel, think, and move better. She helps you connect with your inner power to take ownership of your healing and development. Speaking four different languages and having travelled the world pre and post studies, she brings an open mind and increased sensitivity to cultural differences and expectations for her clients.

Prior to graduation, she worked with the ministry of Family and youth services in Canada as a Respite provider. This entailed providing emergency and acute care to children in transition form foster homes, or from being removed of unfit home situations and environments. Upon graduation, she worked as a Youth and Family counselor at BC Children’s Hospital. Working on four different wards within the Child and Adolescent units, Astrid gained extensive experience in the institutionalized field of Psychology. This included Child Psychiatry, Adolescent Psychiatry, Eating disorders, and Emergency Psychiatry.

She worked both independently in one-on-one therapy (counseling, goal setting, behavioral modification, and care plan treatment and intervention), and with the parents in family therapy sessions. Trained in non-violent crisis intervention, she is equipped with working with the most severe and potentially aggressive of cases. She worked in the hospital setting for 8 years until she started to realize the importance of meditation, mindfulness, and movement to help cure the mind after yoga teacher trainings. It was a shift away from a rigid psychology system to a holistic approach in mental health.

Her approach shifted from less labeling, and more proactively bringing forth an individual’s strengths and improving their weaknesses to optimize performance. She began to pursue more studies in natural and alternative therapies such as Ayurveda and TCM. This knowledge gives you tools to help navigate through life challenges. She believes on the importance of a preventative-based approach rather than a just a treatment based approach to get to the root and source of a problem.

She uses techniques such as mindfulness awareness and breathe work to help retrain your overactive nervous system to calm down; Yoga and movement to release emotional blockages and activate beneficial neurochemicals in the brain; and cognitive behavioral therapy to improve self-esteem and implement new habits for progression on a personal and professional level are all combined to provide an effective approach to personal development and optimal wellness.

When outside of the workplace setting, you will find Astrid in nature, either hiking or being a human fish. She is also learning the violin again, after many ears of leaving it aside, and she believes on always continuously exploring and learning. That is the fountain of youth!


Astrid can help you…

  1. Adopt effective coping strategies to overcome unbalances mentally and physically
  2. Improve ability to handle stress, anxiety, depression
  3. Learn skills and techniques to handle and overcome challenges such as divorce and relationship issues
  4. Shift your perception to create the life you want
  5. Develop and improve Emotional Intelligence (highly linked with success)
  6. Transform unhealthy pattern of behavior and habits

Therapies by Astrid