Bone setting

Bone setting is one of the five traditional branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is considered to be the basis for the development of modern chiropractic and osteopathy. Traditional bone setting is a holistic care process to cure the balance of the skeleton, muscles and joints, which might cause pain. Before the advent of chiropractors, osteopaths, and physical therapists, bonesetters were the main providers of this type of treatment.

Bone setting refers to the manipulation or “setting” of fractured bones, ruptured sinews and muscles in order to alleviate an injury. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will treat bone fractures, concussions, sprains and joint dislocations through pulling, repositioning and aligning avoiding any invasive procedure. The objective is to maintain the wholeness of the body.

Pain can be caused by incorrectly stressed, overextended or blocked compounds such as those of the spine or joints. For pains such as back-pain, sprains or concussions Chinese Medicine considers bone setting to be more effective than light exercise or physiotherapy.

bone setting

Our highly experienced Dr Cheung practices a very smooth and gentle bone setting technique, which is perceived by the patient as very pleasant. In addition, Dr Cheung also combines his considerable acupuncture knowledge in his bone setting therapies.

Bone setting is particularly helpful with:
○ Joint pain
○ Relocation of joints
○ Muscle pain
○ Swelling
○ Contusion
○ Sprains
○ Menstrual Pain
○ Stomachache
○ Headache
○ Dizziness

Sport injuries
Chronic pain

bone setting

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