Chew Yin Chan

Certified Raindrop Technique Therapist
+852 2530 3315

Certified Raindrop Technique Therapist

"We are all work in progress."

Chew is an intuitive, empathic and nurturing healer. Running a holistic wellness centre has introduced her to many modalities and inspired her to develop self-awareness and self-connection within herself and others.

Working with crystals and essential oils has become Chew’s passion for healing and spiritual awareness. She uses essential oils in her daily routine as an alternative to modern-day medicine.

Chew has been inspired by the holistic healing community, making changes in one’s life, starts by your thoughts.

"Focus on the positive aspects, be grateful for them, be in the present."

We are only human and this takes practise. You experience feeling less stressed, happier and healthier and you consciously make life choices that are positive for your wellbeing.

Therapies by Chew



"Raindrop Technique helped me relax during my PMS"

"Raindrop Technique was truly a soothing experience. It helped me relax during my PMS and it also gave me an unexpected relief with my hamstring injury. Chew is very receptive and creates a lovely atmosphere. I will surely return to see her."
Tammie, Hong Kong

"I was immensely relaxed and bright afterwards"

"I went into my first Raindrop Therapy on a Friday night with absolutely no expectations, partly due to my fatigue, ignorance and partly cynicism! Chew’s gentle touch was both comforting and soothing, I went into a deep meditative state while she sprinkled her magical combination of essential oil customised to me - I should mention that I have always found meditation to be challenging. She turned me over on my back and my skin just got cooler and cooler, until I felt separated from the therapy bed and all I saw and felt was silver! I don’t know what it meant but I was immensely relaxed and bright afterwards, ready to hit the town!"
Katherine, Hong Kong

"My raindrop technique experience with Chew was so wonderful."

"Chew is an intuitive and open-minded healer and Raindrop Technique practitioner. Once we talk, she knows exactly what oils I need the most in this moment of my life. The pouring of the essential oils on my upper back with her gentle touch and transfer healing energy made me feel relaxed, embraced and loved by the natural. I feel deeply for the oils and healing during and after the session. Love to have more sessions with Chew in the near future."