Ling-Yee Liu

Emotional Release Therapist, EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Aromatherapy
English, German
+852 2530 3315

Emotional Release Therapist
EFT & Matrix Reimprinting
Aromatherapist (APDHA)
MBS (Masters in Buddhist Studies)
BSc (Hon) Psychology

About the Practitioner

Ling-Yee was born and raised in Germany.
She has started to find meaning in her life after she entered into the field of health and by helping people to become more happy and healthy in their mind, body and spirit. Maybe her grandmother who worked as Chinese Doctor throughout Asia passed on her healing spirit.
Ling-Yee was always interested in people and in their complexity in how they think and feel. Therefore, she decided to take up her degree in Psychology and her Masters in Buddhist studies.
According to the needs of each client, Ling-Yee uses a combination of different techniques in Counseling, EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Quantum Touch, Breathing, Meditation and more. This process is unique and cannot be explained fully without experiencing it.
Ling-Yee believes that every person has the power and wisdom to heal him/herself.
She guides and assists clients to remove blockages from their life that allows true healing to begin.
Every one of us needs to let go of emotional pains and wounds from the past in order to experience healing that allows us to move forward in life to be healthy & happy.
This doesn’t seem easy when having a history of trauma, abuse, loss, self-esteem, relationship issues, etc.
Each emotion consists of a message for us that can be quite profound. Once we find out what the message is, we start to understand the meaning of it, we then are able to transcend the painful experience into wisdom and strength and eventually find peace and happiness. Ling-Yee is here to guide you through your healing journey!
You CAN free yourself from wounds and pain!
(Apart from Emotional Release Therapist, Ling-Yee also work as certified Aromatherapist making custom made oil blends for various physcial & emotional conditions for babies, children and adults.)

Ling-Yee works with clients who seek to

- heal emotional pains & wounds
- reduce stress & anxiety
- find out underlying causes of emotional and/or physical pain
- resolve self sabotaging issues
- break negative repetitive patterns (e.g. keep attracting the wrong partner; chronic procrastination; keep on spending too much money; etc.)

After therapy sessions, clients usually experience

- increased emotional well being
- lightness & relief
- inner peace
- reduction in pain
- increased feeling of self worth
- more connected to oneself and others

Therapies by Ling-Yee Liu

Testimonials (Aromatherapy)

Working mother of two, Hong Kong


“I’ve been using Ling Yee aromatherapy’ s oil for more than 3 years now. I can’t rave enough about her products. From cold and flu to nose allergy to skin rash, etc. I use over 10 different products from her. Ever since me and my family start using her oil we barely need to see doctors anymore. 4 years ago, I used to have a horrible nose allergy with nose congestion. After using Ling Yee’s nose allergy blend, it has improved so much and now it’s completely gone!!
Her personal care to me and my family makes us feel taken care of for all aspects of our health. It’s such a healthy way of incorporating essential oil in our daily life and they absolutely heal our body and soul.
You can tell Ling Yee is an expert in Aromatherapy and uses the best quality oil available. All in all, I would recommend her products full heartedly! “

Karen Yim
Hong Kong


“I personally started using Ling Yee’s product 3 years ago in 2013. They are being recommended by my sister, who is also using her products. We started off using a few of her blends like Cold & Flu, Uplift Immune System and Calming. We loved them since the beginning! Then I started to go for some “tailor-made” blends for my skin problem, e.g. Eczema, rashes, allergy, etc… And also some products for my face and body. They all worked very well on me and the quality of her oil is excellent!
Ling Yee not only sells her products, but she is also a very caring and professional aromatherapist. Her after sales service is wonderful and she makes sure the blends are working well on you.
I highly recommend her products to you!”

Hong Kong


“I love all of Lingyee’s products and have been a faithful customer for years. Her essential oils are of superb quality that can’t be found anywhere else and all her blends are not just natural and effective, but also tailored and personalized to your needs. I especially love her anti-aging face oil, which makes the skin feels supple and smooth and her anti-allergy blends, which is essential for allergy relief in Hong Kong’s polluted and dusty environment. Her skincare blends are much more authentic, effective, and pure than most “natural” brands out there, and I highly recommend them.”

Wendy Lee
Hong Kong


偶然之下認識了LING YEE 的治療香薰油。
LING YEE 不是任意混合的, 她問了很多關於我先生的頭痛症狀,深入了解後便調配了一支很個人化的香薰油給他塗楂。竟然我先生用後説這支香薫油大大舒緩他的偏頭痛,雖不是完全治癒但他的頭痛得到舒缓而不雖吃止痛藥巳經很好了!
之後我再用埋 Flu & cold 香薰油及 for relaxation 嘅香薫油都覺得很舒服!我本人也曾用開其它在商店購買的香薰油,但因家也有小朋友所以我不想用一些不純正及我不了解的香薰油。我覺得由一位專業香薰治癒師為我調配合適我及我家人的個人化純天然香薰油較為化算,因為真可解決丈夫的問題及發揮到香薰油的效用!

Yo Lan
Hong Kong


“I have contacted Ling Yee many times to help with various things, such as a persistent cough or even cleaning the house, and every time Ling Yee has responded quickly and given me useful advise. Her products are really effective and as a bonus smell great! Many thanks Ling Yee for helping me, I would definitely recommend her and say give her a try!”

Hailon Li


“I have used Ling Yee’s products on several occasions and they are indeed little life savers. The hay fever pocket inhaler is easily to use and helped immediately clearing my nose during allergy seasons.
Thank you, Ling Yee!”

Hong Kong


“Thank you Ling Yee for your wonderful aromatherapy products. We appreciated your prompt and kind service. Our diffuser and aroma inhaler arrived two days ago and our daughter already reports sleeping better with no nightmares, and found using her inhaler during the day helped her through a particularly stressful day.Thank you and best wishes!”

Marie Kleist
Hong Kong


“I was pleasantly surprised with Ling Yee’s Aromatherapy face oil. Usually, I find face oils a bit too oily for my liking, but Ling Yee’s Aromatherapy face oil feels light yet nourishing on my skin and has the most delicate scent. My skin has definitely become softer after I have started using it and I will definitely be coming back for more. The foot oil and body oil are the best products I have been able to find for my dry skin and the inhalers have helped clear my sensitive nose during cold and allergy seasons. All the product smell wonderfully and have become little life savers for me.
I also can’t praise Ling Yee’s room spray enough! My personal favorite is the “Cinnamon & Pine” which reminds me of Christmas and which seems to improve my nasal allergy when I use it before going to bed.”



“I am new to aromatherapy and I was looking for some natural cough and cold remedy. Ling Yee was immediately there to advise me and provided me with her blends. I am using the cold & flu blend for my baby, my husband and myself and so far it really worked on us getting rid of the cold much faster.
I can highly recommend Ling Yee as an aromatherapist. She is not just selling the oils but takes the time to explain their effect and answers all your questions. Also, she gives you some tips for a healthier lifestyle. She has a warm and very positive personality and will try to help you in any situation.”

Testimonials (EFT Tapping / Matrix Reimprinting)

Layla Keith (14)
Hong Kong

“Serious headaches and backaches”

“I was encountering some serious headaches/backaches that would bug me throughout the day. Luckily Ling Yee was there to help me with the pain. She explained to me what EFT and “tapping” was. We sat down and I had a session with her until the pain went away. This method for pain relief was interesting as well as effective. After a few minutes I could already feel my pain subsiding. I strongly recommend this to anyone dealing with any kind of pain in the body that is bugging them. Ling Yee is very generous and is always there to help you when you are in need of natural remedies.”

Conor Stokes
17 y/o

“Matrix Reimprinting (Death of mother)”

“I have done two very successful sessions with Ling Yee. When I first went to Ling Yee to do Matrix reimprinting I didn’t really know what to expect. I was expecting more talking but was relieved to find out that talking wasn’t a key part of this session.

I initially wanted to work on underlying issues regarding anger and the death of my mother. I wanted to work on the anger as I was just feeling angry the whole time and ended up getting into a few fights. I also wanted to work on the death of my mother because I felt there might be a connection with the two. I also suffered a few minor panic attacks which I wanted to address.

I was very nervous before the first session but Ling Yee helped me settle and feel more comfortable. It was a really strange but relaxing experience, I was really surprised by how relaxing it was. Afterwards I felt really at ease and more positive. I haven’t gotten angry over little things like I used too since the two sessions and I have been taking more stressful events in my stride better than previously. These sessions with ling Yee also opened my eyes to how an incident from the past, which may seem small now, can have an effect on you.

Ling Yee was also very good at showing me the Meridian points to help me if I got another panic attack, which I haven’t since these sessions.

All in all it was a very interesting experience and I would love to do another session with Ling Yee next time I am in Hong Kong.

Mrs J Leiper


“I visited Ling Yee back in November 2015. I suffer from a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. I’ve had this condition for 20 years. One of my issues with it is the intense and constant muscle pain. When i visited Ling Yee for a session of EFT/Marix Reimprinting I was experiencing a very sore area around my left shoulder.
To be honest I wasn’t entirely expecting this to work, however, being as this was a great source of discomfort to me I decided to give this method a try.
I followed Ling Yee’s instructions of tapping various energy points and repeating what she said whilst tapping.
After feeling a bit silly, I realised that the pain in my left shoulder had eased.
By the time my session had finished the pain had gone completely and I had full range of motion without any twinges.
I am now 2 months on from the treatment and still pain free!
I would strongly advise seeing Ling Yee and approach the session with an open mind.
I am hoping to see her for another session when I can get back to Hong Kong.

Yvonne Bolin


“I went to see Ling Yee to help me deal with the difficulty I was having accepting and moving past several miscarriages I had had. The session with her was very intense and emotionally draining. However, it was worth it! During the session all these emotions just came pouring out. Many of them must have been buried deep inside of me as I wasn’t even aware of having them. EFT allowed me to let go of this tremendous amount of grief I was carrying around inside of me. The difference was noticeable immediately internally and externally. Internally, I felt much lighter, like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt at peace. Externally, my husband commented on the “glow” I was emitting after the session. Even weeks later, I was still feeling more positive than I had in a long time. How amazing to have such an amount of release from only one session. Thank you for that, Ling Yee

Hong Kong


“I had been traumatised by a traffic incident about in the mid-2000s and this had continued to have an impact on my daily life and relationships. I had sought treatment through a variety of conventional methods. None of them had a significant impact. After a few sessions of EFT tapping therapy with Ling Yee, however, the negative chain of repetitive thought and constant re-runs of the incident abated significantly. After about five sessions, I found myself completely free of the negative trauma and fear, and no longer periodically and regularly reviewed the chain of events from a decade earlier. The speed and effectiveness of the therapy was completely unexpected and has had an almost unbelievably positive impact on my daily life and relationships.

Ruth Cornelissen
Hong Kong


“I was skeptical about EFT but with Ling Yee’s loving guidance I was able to receive comfort and release from my emotions. It is amazing after a few cycles of the tapping, the emotional pain I was experiencing with a particular emotional issue decreased dramatically, to the point where I left the session thinking what was it I was bothered about in the first place!
As a therapist/healer, Ling Yee brings with her a deep and profound knowledge of spiritual healing, psychology, aromatherapy and a master’s in Buddhism to her treatments. She has a unique gift of being able to help you pinpoint your core limiting beliefs and fears, and then help you release those blockages with universal truths so you can lead a life free from unhappiness. All with a great deal of wisdom, empathy and compassion.