Maggie Huh

Qi Meditation Facilitator, Qi Gong Master
+852 2530 3315

Maggie Huh, Qigong Master

Maggie Huh is a South Korean Qigong (Ki) practitioner who moved to Hong Kong in 1996, working initially in the hotel industry; she then held a variety of posts in international corporations, specializing in sales and marketing. In addition to this, she owned and managed several restaurants both in Hong Kong and Canada.

At a point, she experienced a new fire inside which drove her to completely change her life path to search for something more fulfilling and meaningful. She decided to go deeper into her meditation practice which had been an alternative to the antidepressants over a decade. Her meditation practice initially evolved from what the West had to offer, then exploring Zen Buddhism and the Eastern philosophy and practices.

Qi Meditation with Maggie

With Qi Meditation, Maggie helps practitioners to understand how Qi works with our body and mind and how to easily apply Qi in every day life. During meditation session, she transfers Qi to the class as a group as well as individually to boost the meridian system. She respects all types of meditation practices and practitioners will feel refreshed and recharged after the class with Maggie.

Therapies by Maggie