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  • What is a promotion package?

    A promotion package allows you to enjoy multiple treatments at a discounted price. At Balance Health, we are pleased to provide a variety of packages covering different therapies and treated by different therapists. Please see the list below for more details.
  • Natural Medicine

    1. Slimming with Traditional Chinese Medicine Package with Dr. Ruth Lee

    What will you get:

    Price: Only 6,000 HKD

    Saving: 2,700 HKD 

    2. Facial Acupuncture Package with Dr. Ruth Lee

    What will you get:

    • 10 x facial acupuncture sessions
    • 10 x ear-seeds therapy sessions
    • 10 x Jade Stone Gua Sha/ Facial Cupping sessions

    Facial acupuncture is a gentle and natural method to rejuvenate and refresh appearance. It helps improve facial definition, skin tone, and at the same time regulate the internal balance thus reduce the underlying stress and anxiety which blocks up the energy flow inside the body as well as face. Besides cosmetic benefits, facial acupuncture can also help alleviate symptoms of stroke, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Bells Palsy and other facial conditions.

    Price: Only 9,800 HKD

    Saving: 4,200 HKD 

  • Physical Therapies

    1. Detox Promotion Program with Catherine Hermant

    What will you get:

    • 4 weeks of 6 sessions of complete detox against 38 heavy metals
    • A 30-page report assessing your toxic levels
    • An individualized treatment plan with food calibration and eventual supplements

    Price: 1 session for 2,500 HKD or 6 sessions for 10,800 HKD

    Saving: 4,200 HKD 

    2. Tension Release Exercise (TRE) New Package for Two People with Anne Cousin

    Normal Price: 1,700 HKD/ session or 10,200 HKD/ 6 sessions

    Package Price: 9,200 HKD/ 6 sessions

    Saving: 1,000 HKD 

  • Mind-Body Connection

    1. REGROUP Program with Anne Cousin 

    What will you get: Simple tools to

      • Develop self-awareness
      • Explore the messages of your physiology and emotions, needs and values
      • Identify your inner resources
      • Ground your own resources
    • Achieve a sense of integrity and authenticity

    Price: 6 sessions for 7,800 HKD

    Saving: 600 HKD 

    2. Life Rebooting Hypnotherapy Program with Aldo Privileggi

    In 3 sessions, most people can access and understand the root causes of their current physical, emotional and mental issues and be able to start a new life journey. If you want to be in full control of your life, Aldo Privileggi is the person who can help you.

    Aldo has over 15 years of professional experience and is fully trained, licensed and certified in all areas of hypnotherapy, including QHHT quantum healing hypnosis technique, Past life regression & Classic Hypnotherapy.

    Price: 1 session for 1,500 HKD or 3 sessions for 4,000 HKD

    Saving: 500 HKD 

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