Rocio Perez

Holistic Health Coach
English, Spanish
+852 2530 3315

Holistic Health Coach, IIN, USA, Traditional Chinese Medicine Food Therapy, HKU

As a health coach, Rocio guides people to heal using a natural and holistic approach. Stemming from the belief that no two individuals are the same, health coaching takes your individual body and needs into account and uses a personalized approach to help you heal.

It goes deeper to the root of the cause of the imbalance, to find sustainable ways to bring your body back to a state of harmony.

Having lived the fast-paced lifestyle, she has experienced first-hand the challenges of staying healthy and keeping up in the busy city. Realizing she was putting her health as a last priority was a turning point where she decided to take charge of her health and transform her life. She believes everyone is capable of creating their own reality and achieving any goals with time and dedication.

She then went on to study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the world’s leading school in integrative nutrition and holistic health counseling. Hosting guest-note speakers Mark Hyman MD, Andrew Weil MD, Deepak Chopra, John Douillard MD, amongst many others.

Rocio is a firm believer that living healthy does not have to be dreary work, but can be a fun and enlightening experience. She believes it is a life-long approach, and works with people to find realistic ways to incorporate change no matter the lifestyle.

Rocio takes a particular interest in helping people feel energized and rejuvenated in their body and mind, using nutrition, fitness, meditation and other adaptable tools to help busy Hong Kongers cope with stress.

Therapies by Rocio