Sanctum of Truth – Satsang & Meditation with Linda

Meditation Classes every Week.

Satsang means to be in the company of wisdom, and by reflecting on spiritual topics we assimilate the meaning and explore our own experience of truth through self-discovery. Reflection opens the heart and quiets the mind crystallizing insight into direct experience. Unanswered questions about life and death can create a block in our psyche, and by bringing them to the surface, aha! moments dissolve the veils of distortion and disillusion to uncover your innate peace and joy.

Linda V. Fancy has been a spiritual seeker all her life due to growing up in a world of loss and loneliness. From a young age she became a researcher of the truth to find answers to why she led a life of suffering. Many books, and many traditions later, her heart fell open at the feet of her beloved master Mooji as he put rest to her questions and merged her mind in her inner knowing.

Today, Linda acts as a mental freedom facilitator and holds satsang in the spirit of Advaita Vedanta, non-dual teachings. She invites those seeking their inner truth to join her in this weekly contemplation, which is followed by a guided meditation. Each satsang is led by a topic to start the discussion.
Topics can include:

Contemplating Control
We think we have control of ourselves in this life so we make our plans and set our goals. And then we are brought to our knees in despair when things don’t work out like they should. How useful is goal setting? How can we prepare for the unknown?

From Power to Peace
Bosses or colleagues who are given the power to do a job without having the know-how can cause frustration in others when they reject their best-learned advice. If we know we can help yet they don’t listen, what is the best course of action without loosing our cool?

Rules & Regulation Deliberation
Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the shoulds and should nots of the mainstream life that we just want to break free. We can feel trapped in relationships, and in jobs, overwhelmed by roles and responsibilities. How can we be in the world but not of it, enough to enjoy life without the stress?

Event Details

Satsang Meditation
Group Classes

every Friday at 6:30pm

Location: Balance Health

Price: HKD 200

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