Sudha Nair

Naturopath, Yoga and
lifestyle coach/consultant
English, Hindi
+852 2530 3315

Masters Rehabilitation & exercise therapy (Hong Kong), Bachelors in Naturopathy and Yoga therapy (India), Diploma Ayurvedic body therapies (India), Certificate in Kinesiotaping pain management (Hong Kong), Cibtac honours Therapeutic massage (Hong Kong), Certificate in Reiki healing (India)

"Every acute disease is the result of a cleansing and healing effort of Nature"

Sudha Nair is a consultant and a yoga practitioner who believes that the innate power of healing lies within every individual. The cure is evoking this potential in natural ways by proper eating, breathing, exercising, and thinking, reasoning and meditating.

Sudha Nair holds a Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences from the university of Ujire, India and a Master degree from Hong Kong Polytechnic university in the field of Rehabilitation science.

Sudha has gained extensive experience in her field of Naturopathy and Yoga in India as well as Hongkong. On her own interest she has gained practical training in the field of Ayurvedic Panchakarma for 2 years at the renowned Kerala Ayurvedic Pharmacy(KAPL) in India. She has treated patients for various acute and chronic diseases like ulcers, diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety, respiratory diseases, stress related disorders, and arthritis through natural herbs and lifestyle therapies.

She focuses in combining evidence-based medicine with the art and wisdom of traditional medicine to achieve an integrative diagnosis and holistic treatment plan for each patient. she's able to effectively address the root cause and rebalance all aspects of mental, emotional and physical well-being. As a Naturopath, her goal is to provide her patients with the guidance and knowledge that is essential for achieving true wellness.

Sudha uses mind/body counseling to explore the depths of this experience, and uses Holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, traditional therapies and homeopathy to support each patient in their unique healing process. Sudha is dedicated to compassionate care, providing tools essential for strengthening and balancing the body and mind.


- Therapeutic massages
- Stress management
- Natural Colonics
- Detox diets
- Yoga therapy
- Meditational techniques
- Shatkarma Yogic Cleansing therapies.

Therapies by Sudha



"Her advices are practical and easy to implement."

"I have known Sudha since 2008. It was my belief that every individual are different and they cannot be treated with one for all medication. Sudha has accurately determined my Bodily composition according to Ayurveda and not only advocated a Diet and lifestyle plan suitable to me and also what exercises to do and and what to avoid. Her advices are practical and easy to implement. Some of which may include Indian Yogic exercises and other alternative. It is a life long job to maintain our health and I hope that Dr. Sudha would continue to offer me good advice for Healing and general maintainence. "

"Sudha's enthusiasm and patience was well appreciated by my 3 boys."

"Every session, she managed to get their playfulness under control and got them to participate actively in yoga moves and breathing techniques. Along with yoga, each session was accompanied with games, and discussions. I believe this lively interaction and along with yoga techniques makes Sudha's sessions a HIT! "

"Sudha is a wonderful person which makes her a caring and her patient’s recovery is dear to her."

"I met Sudha when I was going through a chronic phase the solution she gave me bore instant results. She works carefully with her clients and is flexible in giving treatment in whatever way she can. She is a good listener and listens with empathy. I am grateful to her for listening to my various problems and providing me with solutions. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for treatment and curing it from the root. "