How can you leverage this little-known tool to increase your vitality, recovery and performance?

TRE ® – Tension Release Exercises is a simple , gentle and effective practice of working with your natural healing abilities.

Ok, I want you to go into your body and think back to that thrilling feeling after you’ve pushed your body to the limits during a great work out session.

This feeling comes from your body naturally and constantly regulating, and that gives you the thrill of feeling alive.

If like me you are curious about how to keep feeling awesome without over endeavoring, then learning TRE® is for you.

With these exercises you induce a natural reflex of relaxation where your body flushes out unused stress hormones and releases tensions. Your body is acting as its own physiotherapist and it goes deeper than a massage, non-intrusively.

In your body you have the Neurogenic Tremor which acts as a relaxation response. But, because our modern tendency is to think more than we feel we suppress this response.

In this practice I lead you 7 simple exercises to activate your reflex. Then you lie down and your body begins to release excess of adrenaline and stress hormones that were unused. As your body gets back to balance, your brain recognizes it; it starts to secrete new hormones of well-being and new positive neural pathways.

For example, I recently facilitated a client, who works in finance. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years however this did not help with her chronic shoulder and neck pain. But after 6 sessions of TRE, her chronic pain was resolved. During the process of TRE she gained clarity in identifying her stress patterns and could act upon them. For example, instead of holding the stress within her body whenever working to meet deadlines, she could make positive changes in her environment which helped to improve her boundaries at work.

TRE® can be used as conditioning, trauma recovery or a form of active meditation. When your physiology is regulated, your body feels good, recovers faster, functions optimally, so does your mind. Improving your ability to consciously feel through all of your experiences, including the less pleasurable feelings (eg. pain, anxiety, sadness, frustration), gives you access to your potential.

TRE® is all about enhancing your Self-awareness. inhabiting your body fully by conditioning your mind-body muscle, is an asset to recover and thrive. This impacted my life on many levels, and I am so pleased to be able to self-help by tapping into my innate vitality. Therefore I am excited to share this with you now.

Are you in Hong Kong and willing to discover the treasures and knowledge your body has in store for you? If you are curious about this technique, contact us at or call +852 2530 3315 to book and get 200 HKD off your first private session with the code TRYTRE – offer valid till January 1st, 2019, at Balance Health Ltd, Hong Kong Central.

Have a good week ahead All.

Article by Anne Cousin


Anne encourages listening and trusting the body’s natural ways. It leads to living self-connected and centered, yet open and flexible. One can improve resiliency by tuning into one’s self-regulatory body processes.

Anne created The Moving Touch and has been practicing Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu, Somatics and TRE® in Hong Kong since 2010. She is delighted to meet you at Balance Health where she offers private sessions and group classes.



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