• HRV Stress Assessment

    HRV Stress Assessment


    Eliminate the root cause of your stress with the HRV Stress Assessment. Identify the stress factors that effect your wellbeing during work, leisure and sleep. It will help you to manage stress, enhance recovery and exercise right.
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  • Sleep Profile Test

    Sleep Profile Test


    Poor sleep quality can be harmful to health on a number of levels. Test your hormonal balance of Melatonin and Cortisol during one light-dark cycle for a better understanding of your sleep quality.
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  • Hormone Imbalance Test

    hormone imbalance


    The imbalance of one hormone can effect the harmony of the whole hormonal system. Test your hormonal level of testosterone, estradiol and progesterone that have been found to impact on mental and physical performance, mood, libido, and sense of well-being. You will receive a report about your hormonal balance and easy actionable dietary and lifestyle interventions if needed.
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  • Simply Fit DNA Test

    dna test


    We are all different. We are all unique biological individual with specific dietary and athletic requirements. Utilise the power of your DNA to know exactly how to exercise, what to eat and which supplements to take.
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  • DNAFit Test

    dna test


    Know what type of training to do and what foods and nutrients your body thrives on. The DNAFit Test is the only test out there that also provides tailor-made training programs based on the unique traits and characteristics of your DNA, allowing you to maximize your genetic potential. Read more

  • Food Intolerance Test

    food intolerance


    Food intolerance of many common foods is increasing. It often goes unnoticed for years, because symptoms can arise hours or days after the food is ingested. With this Food Intolerance-Test you can identify possible food intolerances and receive an individual diet to exclude the reactive food.
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  • Heavy Metals & Essential Nutrients Test

    heavy metals essential nutrients


    Levels of heavy metals and essential nutrients in the food we eat is mainly dependent on soil levels and environmental pollution.
    Test your body level of heavy metals and essential nutrients. You will know your nutrient balance and easy actionable dietary and lifestyle interventions for a healthier nutrient balance.
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