Balance Health ( is a holistic health provider operating a number of businesses in Hong Kong. Our mission is to leverage the ancient wisdom of Chinese and other alternative medicines to assist people in their journey to health, balance and personal growth. We do this through a number of alternative therapies and treatments, practical and educational health workshops, and holistic wellness classes and events.

We are looking for a Customer Services Assistant to:
1. Provide support to the reception, including welcoming guests, checking guests in and out, answering calls and replying to client emails
2. Help clients and therapists to book, manage and cancel appointments
3. Devise a room plan for the clinic on a daily basis and help to prepare Traditional Chinese Medicine when needed
4. Support the clinic’s event preparation tasks, such as guest registration and room setup as well as Marketing tasks when needed
5. Order items and manage inventory necessary for daily operations, such as mineral water and towels

Main job requirements: The candidate must
1. Have a passion in holistic wellness and alternative treatments.
2. Show excellent command in both spoken and written English. Being able to speak Mandarin/ Cantonese is an advantage.
3. Hold good attitudes and great people skills.
4. Be well-organized, team-oriented and able to work independently.

Job Type: Paid/ Junior Level/ Full-Time
Expected Start Date: Early June 2019
We are a human-centric wellness center. We care about everyone. And, it’s easy to fast track your career (in customer services, marketing or management) at Balance Health if you are the right fit.

Please send your CV to Mrs. Chingmay Jo (Practice Manager):