What is EMDR?

EMDR is an evidence-based therapeutic intervention that uses the client’s own eye movements to dampen distressing thoughts. It is effective at helping you resolve thoughts and feelings related to disturbing life events. It is also particularly effective for solving performance anxiety and limiting beliefs. It removes mental blocks that may impede sustained efforts when reaching for a goal, by addressing the past experiences that create those blocks. EMDR has been the object of numerous research and studies: its safety, and efficacy, are proven. Further, it is fast and changes are permanently anchored.

How does it work?
EMDR involves assisting you in lifting or releasing blocked memories of disturbing life events through the use of bilateral stimulation, using eye movement, sounds or tapping. Once blocked memories are released, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may have developed as a result of disturbing life events will shift, which will enable you to experience improved overall functioning.

What issues can EMDR address?
EMDR was originally developed for individuals who experienced a history of exposure to trauma and/or PTSD. In addition, EMDR can also treat the following concerns:
○ Anxiety and panic attacks
○ Fears and phobias
○ Depression
○ Grief
○ Complex trauma (including history of child abuse, rape, domestic violence, etc...)
○ Medical and
○ Pregnancy and birth trauma
○ Life transition stress
○ Stress reduction
○ Performance anxiety
○ Performance enhancement

What is an EMDR session like?
An EMDR session typically lasts for approximately 60 to 90 minutes. During this time,you identify a target memory or future event to focus on during the session. We spend a brief period of time discussing aspects of the target memory or future event, such as related thoughts and feelings. Sets of bilateral stimulation are then used while you focus on the target memory or future event. The sets are repeated until you have experienced a resolution of the disturbing memory or confidence in the future event. Experiencing a resolution from a disturbing memory or increased confidence may take anywhere from one to a number of sessions depending on your individual factors.

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