Your path to Balance

The origin of your body constitution is determined on the basis of Chinese Medicine which suggests the existence of a natural balance within our body. We are healthy when we live in harmony and In Balance with Nature. Therefore the fundamental objective of your path to balance must be to restore and maintain the natural balance in your body. Many of the treatment concepts are often easily understood and might even be considered common knowledge. We all know that habits like smoking, a lack of exercise or being overweight are detrimental to our health hence one would expect the avoidance of such habits to be part of every treatment plan.

Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy refers to the use of herbs to restore and maintain the balance in our human body. In today’s Chinese Medicine probably around 1,000 herbs are commonly used in various forms. Due to their convenience teas and tinctures are most common. A prescription from a doctor typically comes in the form of dried herbs that are ground into fine powder that can then be cooked up in a tea, consumed as a pill or be put directly on the skin.

Diet Therapy

Diet or Food therapy refers to the use of food to restore and maintain the balance in our human body. It’s a very powerful method that forms the basis of most comprehensive treatments in Chinese Medicine. Find some easy to make Chinese medicine recipes to cook at home. Depending on the ailment or imbalance, the Body Constitution, the season of climate and other relevant factors, a Chinese Doctor will suggest consuming certain foods while avoiding others. Find out your body type to know what foods to eat and which ones to avoid.


Acupuncture, has been used as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for many years, and is especially effective for the relief of acute or chronic pain and prevention or treatment of various diseases. It involves the painless insertion of ultra-thin single use needles into specific points on the body called acupoints, to "re-balance" the flow of the body's energy. Your body's energy, commonly known as 'Chi', should flow freely and unobstructed. If there are blockages in this flow, illness may arise and by re-establishing good energy flow, the body can begin to heal itself and restore health.

Tuina Massage

The treatment principle for Tui Na is very similar to Acupuncture. However instead of stimulating the body through the insertion of needles or Moxibustion, Tui Na aims to stimulate the body through the hands of the therapist.

Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Qi Gong is a form of exercise which aligns the breathing, the mental awareness and movement. It is now practiced throughout China and worldwide. For some it is pure exercise, whereas for others it’s more a meditative practice that also helps the mental state of mind. Qigong can be categorized into Soft Qigong such as Taiji, and Hard Qigong with comprises most Wu Shu styles such as Kung Fu.

Remote Consultations Available

We also offer remote consultations for customers outside of Hong Kong. Please follow these steps for remote consultations:

1. Book Appointment
Book an appointment through phone (+852 2530 3315) or email ( Please provide the following information:

- Full Name
- Phone number & email
- Skype Name
- Available date and time

2. Payment
Balance Health will send through a payment request of 500HKD for the consultation fee to our bank account:
Beneficiary Bank: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd
Beneficiary Bank Account Number: 502-418254-838
Beneficiary Name: Balance Health Limited

3. Online Diagnosis Form
We will send through a Diagnosis Form and the practitioner's skype contact. Please fill complete the form and send to at least 1-2 days before your consultation. This will allow the practitioner enough time to assess your health.

4. Skype Consultation
Please add the practitioner's skype name before your consultation and be ready to call her.

5. Chinese Medicine (optional)
If there is a need for Chinese herbal medicine, we will inform you of the price and send through the payment request. Once we receive the payment, we will arrange the Chinese herbal medicine. We will arrange to deliver the medicine through shipping, and the shipping fees will be included in the Chinese herbal medicine price.